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Talk is good, Yoga better?

Updated: Apr 12

For the last few months I've been busy working -- but also focusing on health. Who'd have thought that eating no sugar or carbs for 4 months, reducing alcohol and caffeine, and exercising would make a difference? Even with all that, the biggest change has actually come from adding yoga to my life. It's helpful and is feeling pretty good.

I don't do many video tutorials these days, but it is always good to dust off the chops. I created this quick start for Louper, showing how VFX artists can setup livestreams directly out of Nuke.


Still experimenting with AI tools for image editing and video. A few months back I started using Magnific, which is an AI upscaler that employes regional upscaling with prompt based Gen AI. It's pretty amazing -- now we can generate super high res images up to 10k x 10k. here is an example:

The first image is the native output from Midjourney and the next 3 are upscaled with Magnific using the same prompts. If you are using AI for professional work, I think its worth exploring. Here are a few more that can get a bit hyper-real in a compelling way.

For me, the most practical AI tools I use regularly are in Photoshop. What used to be a complex image editing project (or VFX paint and clean up task) is incredibly sped up with generative fill, and some of the other tools found under Filter>Neural Filters. A few months back, I interviewed a video editor for a client, but only had a headshot (A). I downloaded a stock photograph of a video editor (B) and within a short time had transformed the image to feature my subject in action (C).

Of course it helps to have 25 yrs of retouching skills... this is not an automatic solution but combining my experience with the gen AI tools is super powerful. This is the type of practical use that I hope to see in future tools. I want to drive the outcome and make creative choices along the way.

Now I am off to Vegas and NAB. Thanks for visiting! -Ross


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