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Gen AI pushing forward

The AI steamroller keeps coming! Another update... generative AI tools for creatives.

Stable Diffusion for motion graphics. I love After Effects and was pleased when BSKL launched Diffusae - a plugin that allows the user to run Stable Diffusion models locally inside AE. I've actively been beta testing Diffusae and consulting with the developers. While the temporal consistency is not yet on par with some of the larger players, having gen AI inside a tool like After Effects opens up incredible creative workflows, especially for motion graphics or promotions.

Text to Image Style transfer:

I used Unreal Engine to create a simple running animation and applied the Diffusae plugin inside After Effects with Stable Diffusion 2.1 model.

Text prompt: "Woman athlete running, abstract drawing in the style of Leroy Neiman".

Generative Fill -- Photoshop Beta

I have not been that impressed with Adobe Firefly yet, but am really liking the new Generative Fill tool in the Photoshop beta. Having an AI based tool within context of a proper image editing applications is huge. For gen AI tools to actually be useful and not a consumer gimmick, the tools need exposed parameters and more ability for the user to interact.

Adobe has done a great job of adding AI based inpainting. Quick example of an image extension. Without Generative Fill, this would have taken many long hours requiring in-depth image retouching skills.


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